365 Days/ 52 Weeks
Mindfulness Journal/Photography

First off, I’ll explain how this started and give you and idea of what “mindfulness” is about then post another entry about the guidelines on the challenge. I, original was designing the challenge for what I had available to myself, which I have a Canon AE-1 SLR that I paid $100 for last year. I realize not everyone has or wants to get a 35mm film camera. If you do choose to pick one up while we work through the challenge, go for it and if you want to ask questions about buying it I belong to a 35mm film group on Facebook that I think most of the group are friendly.

It was going to be only photography but as I played with the idea in my mind it started to get kind of expensive, as in if I wanted 1 roll of film a day (that’s $8+ day then cost of film development, I then was thinking that maybe I could see about cutting the cost but make it a game. Like less is more) I also was looking at a budget plan for next year and started thinking about using this as my way to deal with things… I have been using retail therapy and dug myself in to a deep debt hole while my partner is helping dig me out of. I’ve never been great with money so this is the year I make a go at it. I don’t NEED more clothes and stuff in general! I’m moving and trying to cluttered as it is.

So, the idea now is not only photography but keeping a journal to go along with the images. I’ll think about setting limits on the number of images you can shot daily (it’s not going to be 24/36 on a whole roll of film.) It’s something that you will have to workout sometime during your day to sit and write, time that you can focus on yourself and the day. It could be as little as 30 minutes or a few hours if you have that kind of freedom. Yet, it’s time you can digest how you spend your days and where could you work on making less stressful.

I’ll go into more details on the post for guidelines of the challenge, while it might take some time I’ll try and get it up sometime within this week…


What is mindfulness?

I asked myself that when I picked up my first book on it middle of the year but after I had a quick glance through it I decided to try it out. After all the problems that started in early 2016 finally hit the ground earlier this year it’s been a long way back up and I’m close but not 100% back to normal. I’m still dealing with mild depressive feelings even when the 2018 outlook is good. It got as bad that I felt the need to mention it to my OB a few months ago. I was offered to take the medicated route if I felt that I would do better on it, but I opted to keep trying to handle it without medication.

Mindfulness, according to dictionary.com, is simply “A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.” Mindfulness practices also have their roots in Buddhism but they more of a modern-day Buddhism. You don’t have to give up all your worldly possessions, shave your head, wear an orange robe, or meditate for hours trying to achieve enlightenment!

It’s more about finding balance in your life, which will help make your life less stressful, it’s about keeping your mind on the moment at hand. You don’t have to forget yesterday but you should look at it from a distant and the same goes for tomorrow. You can’t change what happened yesterday so don’t dwell on it you can only glance at it to learn from it. Yes, I know it sounds all new age here but from what I know of it I’ve started feeling better because of it. I’m also learning more about myself as a person and I’m not the same person I saw myself as at the beginning of the year. *I’ll try to write up a post for that*