Jan 3rd, 2018

In Punta Cana, DR

I two ideal evenings that I visit from time to time…

First is when we are on vacation in tropical places to get away from the cold

This was a sunset the last time we were in Cabo San Lucas

winters in Ohio for a few weeks. Philippe and I usually take evening walks on the beaches after getting our daughter to bed. Since his mom is with us she stays in the room with our daughter. It’s nice walking and listening to the waves in the dark. Last time we were in Punta Cana I did some astrophotography from the beach.

Our little room we stayed in while visiting extended family in France… I loved being there. I just wish I had knew more French as the village was so small that hardly anyone knew English

Next, while we were in France we just chilled out in bed listening to Jazz music. It was just a relaxing evening and a fantastic way to get ready for bed.


Yet, my truly ideal day is one when I can get away from life’s demands! A walk through the Short North/Downtown Columbus with my music, camera, notebook, and a pen… hitting a few of my favorite coffee shops along the way. Just chilling with a coffee as the rat race passes me by. I like daydreaming while I have what feels like all the time in the world to be with myself. If I lived by a body of water I would be spending my time on the shores of it on a warmish Spring day or Summer day with some fruit and healthy snack. While, listening to the water and writing in a notebook about whatever came to mind.