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I'm the creative
little lamb
The Boho Lamb.

Name: Katy. E
Age: 38

I decided to start this blog after some major life events happened! As a way to give myself structure in this up heaval of my life that I was too busy to even think past. "à quelquechose malheurestbon" a French saying that in English pretty much means "Every cloud has a silver lining." I'll explain more in my first "Ups & Downs" blog post.

A little background on me... I don't have any degrees or anything like that but I like to write a lot yet I don't do it as much as I would like to. I have a half-baked short story idea that I came up with after having a dream... I'll go into more detail in another "Ups & Downs" post. Since I'm only starting this I plan to talk a lot more about myself in my personal blog post. Please check back as I'm planning to post at least twice a month till I build myself into posting more on regular basis. The design may also have some visual changes as I become more and more advantaged with my HTML/CSS.

My hobbies tie so nicely into blogging; i.e. creative writing, short story writing, photography, HTML/CSS coding and so on. Also, this is a HUGE part of who I am but I don't like people putting labels on me or anyone else but I have ADHD and have known this since a very early age. I'm happy in my own skin but also play a balancing act with the person I am and the person people can handle. (long story for another blog post)


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