Jan. 7th, 2018

Prompt: Let’s jump forward a year…
What will you like to have achieved over this last past year?

  • To stick to what I started…
    1. There is more to this sticking to what I start, like the time spent in one go kind of sticking to it. Like if I start a creative project that can be done in a day I finish it or can walk away to do house work and use it as part of a reward for getting the housework done
    2. STARTING a project that seemed like a great idea and see where it goes. Stop worrying about if it’s a clever idea or not.
    3. Learning how to prioritize my life and not how my brain jumps around to control my actions
  • Spending less…
    1. I want to setup a budget and stick to it
    2. Stop using shopping as therapy
    3. Save for when we move to Pittsburgh, so I can enjoy what Pittsburgh has on offer by myself or with new friends
  • Keeping up with housework
    1. I want to plan out a house cleaning schedule, plan to start putting one together once we come back from our trip.
    2. Get habits to keeping a clean home into place before we buy a house
    3. I want to be able to cook, bake and other things in my kitchen because they are things I do love to do as well as my other creative hobbies.