Here are some links I’ve found online to help you on the “Mindfulness” journey…

  1. PsychCentral : 7 Easy Ways to be Mindful
  2. Digital Photography School : 11 Tips to Succeed with a 365 Challenge
    *keep in mind some tips don’t apply here*
  3. Pinterest “How to Keep a Gratitude Journal”
  4. “Body Scan Meditation”
  5. Blissful Kid “The Raisin Meditation”
  6. Psychology Today “The Chocolate Mediation”

Some of my favorite blogs, magazines and so on…

  1.  Flow Magazine Homepage
  2. Flow’s “Read” page
  3. Flow’s “Do” page
  4. Bella Grace 
    (I’m checking this one out… a few of my writing prompts came from the “Field Guide”)
  5. De waarde van schrijven (The Value of Writing)
    A essay by Dutch scientific journalist Mark Mieras. I can’t find it in English but if you have a translator it should be able to make it readable in English.

Links on my own page…

Recycle, reuse , reduce…

  1. Kosmofoto “16 Ways to Use Empty Film Canisters”