Jan 9th, 2018

Prompt: The Raisin Mediation *or your favorite dried fruit*

I had some trail mix that had dried Mango in it, I took a few pieces of the Mango out to do this meditation as I love dried Mango!

  1. Holding:
    1. It feels more like just the presser of it sitting in my hand
    2. Not much weight to it
  2. Seeing:
    1. I think they dye it the color that it is
    2. Dull
    3. No uniform shape to it
  3. Touching:
    1. Solid just soft
    2. Not smooth
  4. Smelling:
    1. It’s smells like the mix of fruit and nuts it came in
    2. There is a hint of coconut
  5. Placing:
    1. My tongue reached out to “receive” it
    2. I really wanted to put the Mango in my mouth
    3. Like I was hungry for it
  6. Chewing:
    1. You may not think about it but for me feeling my teeth cut through it was weird (as I have fake teeth)
    2. I tasted all the other fruits and nuts in the mix as it slowly became the sweet favor of the Mango while there was also the favor of coconut.
      1. It was salty at first but because of the sweetness of the mango the marriage of favor was just right.
    3. Swallowing:
      1. I felt like as soon as my mind thought I had chewed enough it was time to swallow
      2. Yet, it felt more like I was forcing myself to quickly swallow out of necessity (habit)
      3. My tongue moved it closer to back of my mouth
    4. Aftermath:
      1. I wanted another
      2. I wanted to test this meditation out of the rest of the mix