Jan 8th, 2018

Today I had to go for a 32-week fetal growth ultrasound, baby is fine but just a bit big for where I am in my pregnancy, it was originally scheduled for the 12th but I forgot about it and double booked myself. Luckily, I caught it before my last OB appointment and was able  the correct it and reschedule it. While this left me without a ride the office for the ultrasound was easy to get to by bus. What I missed was when they changed the buses this year they rerouted the one bus I would have normally caught to get there.  I walked to the normal stop only to find the sign gone and walked another half a mile or so to just end up back to the two-bus option! At least I know for next time…


Anyways, I got up there 30 minutes later than planned but I had left myself a few hours before my appointment for things to go wrong. I just went to the Barnes and Noble I knew was near the office. I dropped my bag and coat in the café area to look around to see if they had any of the books that I missed buying at my local one. They did but they didn’t have the ones I truly (felt like spending the cash on) wanted but I decided to pickup “The Wander Society” by Keri Smith… it was one of the other books by her that I wanted along with the box set I got for Christmas.

I really didn’t know what it was about it was just an intriguing title and cover. While in the waiting room waiting to be called I started reading it.  As I was reading the introduction she talked about sitting in a café with a friend talking about how she had picked up a Walt Whitman book called “Leaves of Green” and on the title page “The Wander Society” was written on it and she had been intrigued but this. Which prompted her to try and learn more about this wanders society. I began to wish I had a friend who I could just hang out with at least once a week or from time to time.


At this point I was pulling out my phone to make a note of what I would be looking in a friendship… like I did when I started looking for a new relationship after my divorce. It kind of makes me laugh at myself as when I’m going through things my first instinct is to write my thoughts down. I’ve over written it soo many times because life tells me I must stay focused on the job at hand. When I was talking an English course in England, when I was getting ready to return to school, one of the two teachers told me I even acted like a writer. As when I had ideas during the time they would be telling us about the assignment you saw my face light up as I pulled out a pen and paper to get my ideas out. It was also the first time someone told me that maybe I should consider getting the short story I wrote published by a local magazine or something.

As I was getting ready for bed I realized that I also had a passion for psychology and philosophy… yet would never officially study them. I can’t, for the life of me, write matter of fact papers on my findings but I like doing the research and learning something new! It was all because of that days writing prompt had me asking myself “Am I afraid to follow my true passion?” What is my true passion?