I snapped this photo as soon as that table became my favorite spot to people watch.

Jan. 4th, 2018

I’m having trouble trying to pick my favorite out of three spots, all in a coffee shop and pretty much in or around The Short North Arts District of Columbus, OH. The first was a corner table at what use to be Impurto Coffee Roasters, the next is the sofa in Mission Coffee Co. on a sunny day when it warm enough for them to open the big door, and last is the Starbucks in the Arena District because it’s like setting in the shadow of the city. I did a lot of work in coffee shops while I was taking classes. The one that was my favorite is gone now. It was a Cup-O-Joe at the end of The Short North near the Convention Center. I used to sit there doing my Math homework the morning before I needed to be on campus for the day.

I took this around the beginning of Spring, while chilling in Mission Coffee Co.

As I think about it I guess my favorite spot isn’t really a “spot” but more like an area of the city… which is of course The Short North Arts District of Columbus, OH. I find it funny that I can straight up say that my heart belongs to Columbus, OH! Even through my family, some of them, are still in Urbana, OH that small town NEVER had my heart. I love to go for a visit but if I was to move back there I would want back out after a few months. It’s been 8 years here in Columbus and even when we are going to be moving to Pittsburgh, PA I kind of don’t want to leave.

I found my place here in Columbus and live so close to it, but will I find the same in Pittsburgh? That is what is worrying to me! From what I know of Pittsburgh I can see myself enjoying my life there but still missing parts of
Columbus that will be hard to visit when we are visiting

I spent the morning and first part of the afternoon in my favorite Starbucks. I did some more reading in “A Flow Book”, worked on some “Mindfulness” projects from the book and wrote this

family over the weekends. I don’t know if I have ever NOT wanted to move for fear of losing what I have built for myself. Then again, I’ve never stayed in one place longer than 2 years after leaving home before moving to Columbus.

I’m also worried about how am I going to continue my school career while in Pittsburgh… yeah, I know they also have good college/community colleges but what could I do and transfer credit hours over? Here at Columbus State, I would be returning and paying out of pocket, I have at least one semester done in a degree of design and only need another 42 credit hours to fulfill the requirements to graduate with the Associates of Arts in Design. Yet, from what I can figure out online I might have to start almost over again there, and they are all tech. type degrees as that is what is in demand there.